blackbird results

love this

need to...

get inspired.
take more pictures.
buy a Leica mini.
learn sign language.
find a rare vinyl.
go see a good live band.




135 twin lens reflex

Very excited about my new toy! I'll be taking it everywhere I go. The Blackbird fly is great because you can double expose shots without having to count clicks like your Holga, but you still have to guess your focusing without seeing it in the viewfinder.

It comes with two frames, one a 24x24 mask frame, and the other 24x36. And without neither it exposes over the film spokes at 36x36.

It also has a normal shutter speed as well as a setting where you can physically hold the exposure using the shutter release for as long as you want....pretty rad ehhh? Im working on my first roll of film and I'll post some of the results soon


Wasted Youth

Youthful debauchery is always pleasant.
Must watch videos.




Current Addiction

For the past 3 hours I've done nothing but watch videos of Mummenschanz.
Mummenschanz is a Swiss mime-like troupe. I find everything they do to be very poetic. And, its just fascinating to watch. Here are some videos for you to check out. The second vdeo is a preview to their current touring show