Hello. i love you

I have no clue where i found this photo. I think i stumbled across it while looking for Hitchcock scene photos, and i absolutely fell in love with this. Your looking at my current desktop background.



bird crap

My friend Andrew bought me this book as a graduation present, called Street Sketchbook. The artists are truly amazing, and it gave me so many ideas. I got so excited that i started making my own sketchbook of what i call 'crap art'. Stay tuned and maybe i'll post some of the 'crap'.

-thanks andrew ...jerkface

Hairy Children

I just found this artist, Erik Mark Sandberg. I really enjoy his work. I like to view this collection as a clashing of difference. Children possess a certain amount of innocence and portray happiness and joy. But with the addition of the hair it seems to completely change that portrayal. It begins to portray fear, bizarreness, and perhaps pity for the children. Lets just hope in the future none of my own turn out like this.



This film is truly amazing. An all time classic. Its funny when you've seen so many references to something, that you come to find it familiar, when you actually never took the time to know what it really was. Lady's and gents I present to you LE BALLON ROGUE

I wouldn't harm a fly

Recently I saw Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho on the big screen at SCAD Trustees Theater. I saw this movie years ago, but i guess i forgot how amazing it was. I was really inspired from the cinematography, especially the scene when Norman Bates is surrounded by taxidermy birds. I am a huge fan of Hitchcocks work.

There is one black and white film of his that is consistently b&w except for just one scene of the movie where he shows a bathtub full of red blood to shock his audience... Now thats what Im talking about. Here's the pool of red for your blood sucking vampire enjoyment.


Current Addiction

Modern Ambient International Tribal music and Various Folk Renditions recorded from 1927 - 1948. Self titled GALA DROP (2009) and various artist album I DONT FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE (2007) are two excellent albums that I highly recommend for anyone to give a shot. I had some friends over last night and we cooked tomato soup and cornbread for dinner while we listened to these two albums and it was just perfect for the moment.