I wouldn't harm a fly

Recently I saw Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho on the big screen at SCAD Trustees Theater. I saw this movie years ago, but i guess i forgot how amazing it was. I was really inspired from the cinematography, especially the scene when Norman Bates is surrounded by taxidermy birds. I am a huge fan of Hitchcocks work.

There is one black and white film of his that is consistently b&w except for just one scene of the movie where he shows a bathtub full of red blood to shock his audience... Now thats what Im talking about. Here's the pool of red for your blood sucking vampire enjoyment.


  1. did you know that in the first scene when that girl is stabbed in the shower by norman that hitchcock used chocolate syrup for the blood. because red dye didnt show up to well on black and white film??..

  2. this is extremely late, but i believe i heard something about that. Did you know when he flushes the paper down the toilet, that was the first time in film history a toilet had been flushed in a movie?

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