I Leica You

One of the newest additions to the family would be my Leica Mini II.I've really been wanting a nice point and shoot camera for some time now. And the Leica mini series was highly recommended by a friend of mine. One of my favorite photographers, Helen Levitt, used a Leica back in the 50s. It took me forever to actually find one that didnt cost a century, and once it arrived in the mail I was just as excited as I always am with any new camera.
Honestly the first roll of film did not impress me. But it wasn't until now that i was able to really feel it out. The camera is fairly quiet so you can get those shots of people up close without too much being noticed, and the auto focus is quick. But instead of all this talk, I would rather just show you the results.


Crossed Paths


my left side of the brain attempt, 7th grade


im broke


successful scanned negative.

After searching the web and various blogs i discovered the correct way to scan negatives. A regular scanner cannot be used. There are actually scanners made specifically for it. How over if your broke like me then improvising comes next.
What you need to do is to have a lcd light source on the other side instead of the white mat. Use can use an iphone screen, or like me, a laptop screen. Just make sure that the screen is completely white. So open up memo pad on your phone, or a white background will do on your laptop.
Now when you scan it in you can 'invert' it in photoshop and the pic should look decent after some brightness/contrast adjustments. The only downfall is that it can pick up verticle lines during the scanning process, as you can see in mine. Maybe my scanner is just cheap, or maybe the laptop gave it off. Im sure a negative scanner wouldnt do this though if you got the money.


Albert Einstein
Methane Gas


blackbird results

love this

need to...

get inspired.
take more pictures.
buy a Leica mini.
learn sign language.
find a rare vinyl.
go see a good live band.




135 twin lens reflex

Very excited about my new toy! I'll be taking it everywhere I go. The Blackbird fly is great because you can double expose shots without having to count clicks like your Holga, but you still have to guess your focusing without seeing it in the viewfinder.

It comes with two frames, one a 24x24 mask frame, and the other 24x36. And without neither it exposes over the film spokes at 36x36.

It also has a normal shutter speed as well as a setting where you can physically hold the exposure using the shutter release for as long as you want....pretty rad ehhh? Im working on my first roll of film and I'll post some of the results soon


Wasted Youth

Youthful debauchery is always pleasant.
Must watch videos.




Current Addiction

For the past 3 hours I've done nothing but watch videos of Mummenschanz.
Mummenschanz is a Swiss mime-like troupe. I find everything they do to be very poetic. And, its just fascinating to watch. Here are some videos for you to check out. The second vdeo is a preview to their current touring show


Hello. i love you

I have no clue where i found this photo. I think i stumbled across it while looking for Hitchcock scene photos, and i absolutely fell in love with this. Your looking at my current desktop background.



bird crap

My friend Andrew bought me this book as a graduation present, called Street Sketchbook. The artists are truly amazing, and it gave me so many ideas. I got so excited that i started making my own sketchbook of what i call 'crap art'. Stay tuned and maybe i'll post some of the 'crap'.

-thanks andrew ...jerkface

Hairy Children

I just found this artist, Erik Mark Sandberg. I really enjoy his work. I like to view this collection as a clashing of difference. Children possess a certain amount of innocence and portray happiness and joy. But with the addition of the hair it seems to completely change that portrayal. It begins to portray fear, bizarreness, and perhaps pity for the children. Lets just hope in the future none of my own turn out like this.



This film is truly amazing. An all time classic. Its funny when you've seen so many references to something, that you come to find it familiar, when you actually never took the time to know what it really was. Lady's and gents I present to you LE BALLON ROGUE

I wouldn't harm a fly

Recently I saw Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho on the big screen at SCAD Trustees Theater. I saw this movie years ago, but i guess i forgot how amazing it was. I was really inspired from the cinematography, especially the scene when Norman Bates is surrounded by taxidermy birds. I am a huge fan of Hitchcocks work.

There is one black and white film of his that is consistently b&w except for just one scene of the movie where he shows a bathtub full of red blood to shock his audience... Now thats what Im talking about. Here's the pool of red for your blood sucking vampire enjoyment.


Current Addiction

Modern Ambient International Tribal music and Various Folk Renditions recorded from 1927 - 1948. Self titled GALA DROP (2009) and various artist album I DONT FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE (2007) are two excellent albums that I highly recommend for anyone to give a shot. I had some friends over last night and we cooked tomato soup and cornbread for dinner while we listened to these two albums and it was just perfect for the moment.