im broke


successful scanned negative.

After searching the web and various blogs i discovered the correct way to scan negatives. A regular scanner cannot be used. There are actually scanners made specifically for it. How over if your broke like me then improvising comes next.
What you need to do is to have a lcd light source on the other side instead of the white mat. Use can use an iphone screen, or like me, a laptop screen. Just make sure that the screen is completely white. So open up memo pad on your phone, or a white background will do on your laptop.
Now when you scan it in you can 'invert' it in photoshop and the pic should look decent after some brightness/contrast adjustments. The only downfall is that it can pick up verticle lines during the scanning process, as you can see in mine. Maybe my scanner is just cheap, or maybe the laptop gave it off. Im sure a negative scanner wouldnt do this though if you got the money.

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