Kinon RX-7

Walked into Salvation Army not too long ago just too browse miscellaneous items, when as i was checking out i noticed this camera under the glass counter. I knew instantly i was going to buy the second the clerk put it in my hand. Plastic!

10 bucks thank you have a nice day. Once i got in my car i put film in it and started snapping.

WELL, got the pictures back and they just came out too clean for my taste. So to make it a bit interesting i put a needle to the back of the camera to let in some light. I took it on my trip to Atlanta, and went up the mountain near my friend Nico's house with him and Kaleb. I also wound the film half back, and started taking more pics to get some double exposures, and came home with some great results that i was highly satisfied with.

ps. im glad we were forced to walk up the mountain
being we weren't allowed to drive up that day

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