To the Founding Members of Write Club (right club?)

The First Rule of Write Club

  At loss. I must redeem myself, that last attempt was 6th grade dear diary ramble. My condolences. The thing is I don't write that often, and when I do I do
n't ask for it. So thanks for the invitation, even though I just showed up without one the first time. You must have felt obligated to include me again, thanks?

 I sat here and thought of worthiness to say, no reward. Nothing to say for now except that I have nothing to say. So I give my sincerity. I did have this poem that was off the chain, but I lost it. damn. I even went as far as asking my ex-girlfriend if she still had it saved from when i text it to her about a year or so ago. She replied, "I think that was two phones ago."

 I must say I was thoroughly impressed by all of you. From the girl on the plane, being bearly understood, and a 6 year olds perception of a vagina. You guys are great. Put cliche, keep up the good work. 

-William Cameron Allen The Third

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